The integration of Sen2Cor 2.2.1 and SNAP 4.0

Really?But i didn’t get a file with .xml.I think that there should be some bands omitted.I set the resolution 10,and it generated B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8a,B11,B12.What about you?

well…Mine is resolution 60m and I still have B1. However, B10 is excluded as it does not represent surface information.

For resolution 10, its inputs for processing are the four 10m bands B02-04 and B08…So maybe yours is right. Im not sure.

You can find the ’ Sentiniel-2 MSI -Level-2A Prototype Processor Installation and User Manual 'for more details.(I forgot the wabsites…Sorry…so I give the whole title of it…)