TOPS Merge

Hello. When connecting IW1 and IW2 at a phase unwrapping, it gives an error, whoever tried to connect IW1 and IW2 and then make a phase unwrapping?

what does the error say?

when I start the unwrapped phase in Cygwin, I get an error “27 parameters input from file snaphu.conf (84 lines total)
extra data in file Phase_ifg_srp_IW1_VV_09May2015_05Nov2015.snaphu.img (bad linelength?)”

So it is the same as here?

One solution was proposed here

Does the snaphu command really address the correct file?

I looked at the file like it’s correct. Have you tried merge subswaths and then doing a unwrapping phase?

not yet.
Maybe you can make a subset of your merged product (just leave a couple of pixels at the edges so no NoData values remain) and export again.

You mean cut the edges of the combined image, and then export?

yes, could be worth a try.

Thanks, I’ll try.