Trouble displaying SAR Band image on specific computer

I have SNAP installed on two different computers. However, the nicer computer that I want to use it on, the program is not functioning correctly. Basically once I load a data set, lets go with a simple GRND projected data set, and just try to open up one of the bands for a quick visual inspection, it is stuck on the Java notification progress bar of creating imageā€¦ If I leave it over night it just stays there. On the system that it works on, which has lower technical specs, this data set takes barely a second to display the band. The same general issue if I try and do any other processing, such as radar calibration, denoise, etc.

On both computers I have:
SNAP Desktop 6.0.5
SNAP Engine 6.0.6
S1TBX 6.0.5

Using the exact same data set.
The big difference between the two computers are:
The one that works is a Windows 10 system with 16gb ram, I5 3rd generation Intel processor. Java fully updated.
The one that does not work is a Windows 7 Ultimate system with 32gb ram, and a 4th generation I7 extreme edition, java fully updated. I am just using the default settings once SNAP is installed on both systems. I have also tried version 6.0.0 on the system that does not work, same issue.

Any advice?

You can have a look in the settings if all the RAM is made available to SNAP. It is explained here: SNAP memory issues while importing S3 products
If you have 16 GB, marpet suggests a maximum value of -J-Xmx13G, for 32 GB you could then set it to 25G Bicubic and bilinear resampling method problem in Reprojection Tool

Another possible reason for the differences: Maybe the Windows 7 one is 32 bit only?

Thanks for the response. I have already made sure that as much memory as possible is available. And yes, the Windows 7 Ultimate is a 64bit system.