Unable to Open or Save to External Hard Drive on Mac

Hi everyone! I’m unable to open save to an external hard drive. Has anyone experienced this? I’m using mac os. Any solutions please?

Can you describe the problem in more detail, please?
What kind of error message do you get? Does this happen in SNAP Desktop or on the command line with gpt?

I’m using SNAP desktop. When I wanted to browse to the GEOTiff file I downloaded and saved on an external hard drive, the directory shows only the local drive and doesn’t show any USB drives. There are no errors displayed. The same thing happens when I want to save my project on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive – the drive doesn’t show in the list of directory. It limits me to open and save file in the local drive.

This is indeed an issue on Mac.

There are two workarounds possible:

  1. Drag’N’Drop the target directory of the other hard drive onto the open/save dialogue.
  2. Switch to the Nimbus Look-And-Feel. Select in the menu snap / Preferences and then change under Appearance the LAF.

thanks… i didn’t try option 1 as it can be inconvenient and option 2 did not work. but i found out that navigating to the internal drive (Macintosh HD) actually has a folder called VOLUMES and voila! there’s my external drive!

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