Unable to update, SNAP v7 and v8

Hello, I’ve searched the forum and have read previous posts. I can’t get updates to download or install. I’ve tried for days, at different times of the day and night. I’ve taken my proxy off. I’ve tried a fast Internet.

could you please specify if you mean the internal updates (menu > Help > Check for Updates) or the regular download, and also what error message you get?

Some workplaces impose limitations on internet access by applications using Windows firewall or 3rd party security tools. If that is your situation you may be able to download updates manually and use the offline install procedure.

Thanks for the fast response. I mean internal updates (Help–> Check for updates) and the error message that I get is, “Unable to connect to the update center”.

Thanks for the fast reply. I have created a new rule to allow port 443, as described by ABraun in a separate post for accessing elevation data, but I have the same problem.

I have looked at the offline install procedure, and I got to the “Index of /updatecenter/8.0”. Thanks.

Now I really don’t know which updates I need. I only want to update in order to be able to use the GETASSE30 auto download for range-doppler terrain correction, or to use a DEM located on my local drive-- right now I get an error message, “error in opening zip file” even though the DEM on my local drive is not zipped. My motivation for updating is that the updates will fix the issues that occurred with the server change/restart on Friday, Dec. 4.

I see a many nmb files grouped in “Snap-Community-Plugins”, “Snap-Supported-Plugins”, “snap-toolboxes/”, and “snap/”. I’ll start on “Snap-Supported-Plugins”, since the file date is the most recent, Dec. 3rd, unless you know how to get the pertinent updates for S1tbx, with polarimetry.