I try to running unwrappin on VM, but after some minutes it stops and says ,killed" (on the picture). I’m trying to do the tutorial of deformation map. I used two SLC files, and after the goldstein filtering I created a subset in ROI, because the original whole IW2 VV subpath was too big. The snaphu export run succesfully but in the file stucture I have two coherence, two phase files, a config file and also an UnwPhase file (.hdr). Is it normal, because when I’ve done in with the tutorial files I don’t remember this last .hdr file. Hoo could I solve the problem?

I think that this could be caused by too large subset that you want to process or too small memory of the virtual machine. So you can make smaller subset or try to set larger memory for the VMware player.

Thank You very much, it worked. I just had to create a much smaller subset.

I did apply this solution but it didn’t work, so do you have any other idea.