Urban heterogeneity

how to find or compute urban heterogeneity with the help of sentinel1 data.Is there any way to find urban heterogeneity in snap.

how do you define “urban heterogeneity”?

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Urban heterogeneity consists of spatial differentiation in the physical, biological, and social structures of urban areas. Spatial heterogeneity can take many forms in cities. Patches exist as differences in biological and physical features such as vegetation, surface permeability, and the kinds and density of infrastructure. Social heterogeneity is exemplified by wards, zones, blocks, and neighborhoods.

Thank you for clarification.

I think the points which could be addressed with Sentinel-1 are density and fraction of built-up areas, for example by calculating the dual Wishart classification which divides the pixels into several groups (described here: Crop classification using SENTINEL-1A SLC data). Some of these groups indicate the dominance of double-bounce scattering caused by artificial structures, such as buildings. The same applies for volume scattering as an indicator for urban vegetation (depending on the spatial resolution and the size of the city)

I see little chance to detect socio-economic indicators from Sentinel-1 data alone, maybe linked to ancillary data.

I have to find spatial heterogeneity using sentinel 1 data. In many papers i found, this is done with LISA(Local indicator of spatial association) and GLCM matrix. Is there any option to calculate LISA that include index like MORAN, Geary and Getis in SNAP?

you can calculate GLCM textures in SNAP, but I haven’t heard of the LISA approach, sorry.

Is there any way to convert sentinel 1 data from beamdimap format to .gal.
Please help

can you please give more information about this format? Where is it used and in which form?

It is used in the form of array list.

Like this? http://mdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/18885/~/genepix®%3A-examples-array-list-file

I cannot think of a way how such information can be used in SNAP at the moment. Maybe you can clarify what information is stored in your file and what you plan to do with it.

Is sentinel 1 contain that information?

no, Sentinel-1 contains backscatter intensity organized in raster structure.