Using External DEM 10x10m

I don’t understand why you don’t use GETASSE for the coregistration. It makes no difference.

I’d like to continue with one DEM, to retrieve the possible scatterers points, for single object, I mentioned to you. I think GETASSE, has less resolution to the object, therefore, how it’s possible to subtract the elevation phase to get the displacement of this object!

As I mentioned earlier, I’d like to test this DEM, from the first step and using to the end, But

Do you think I could use different external DEM in STaMPS, ? Since last time I used the default one, which I think it’s SRTM 3sec.

yes, you can use GETASSE for the coregistration (completely fine), but later use the 2m DEM for the topographic phase removal (here it makes sense to have a high resolution DEM).
But you might want to resample it to 10x10 meters, for instance, because it really takes a lot of time to perform topographic phase removal and for PSI you need more than 20 products.

Thanks a lot, that what I was talking about,

But still, is it possible in StaMPs to use an external DEM!

why not? You include it in the stack by checking it in the interferogram operator. StaMPS later doesn’t care where it comes from.

I’ll give trial and let see, but, tremendous thanks Andy,

Comingback to this issue, the problem of empty slave, is due to the image is before April 2015, and I didn’t get any error message of EAP, should be done, until creating an interferogram, I got the error message of the EAP.