Using Tiles from AWS in snap

I’m having troubles downloading data from scihub. I’m unable to donwload a 95% of images, neither from my office or my house (I have a really good cable connection in both cases). So I’m downloading my area of interest images from AWS (it is really fast).

I’m doing band composition and analysis with GIS software but I would like to use SNAP. The problem is I’m not able to use the downloaded images with SNAP. Is this possible (I’m using the latest version). ¿How?

And, do you know wath could be the problem downloading data? I’m using Chrome and firefox… but in both cases it crashes all the time.


Dear Jose,

With regard to the download of S2 products, beyond the AWS there other ways to do it.

-1) Download the full S2 products from the SciHub using a download manager (e.g. ‘DownThemAll!’ for firefox) that is able to manages interruptions during the download.

-2) Use the routine developed by Olivier Hagolle that allows to download a single S2 tile (read the discussion on STEP forum available at Download tiles)

-3) Use the USGS EarthExplorer system that distributes S2 tiles but it is not well populated

-4) Anyway, from AWS using a script to merge all the JPG2000 files in the S2 SAFE container (public available at and open using the reader already included in the current version of SNAP.

I hope that these tips could help you, but I am sure that other users on the Forum could provide you more suggestions concerning this topic.


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The Sentinel-2 reader in SNAP has been designed to read the SENTINEL-SAFE format ( and in AWS the format has been modified. But it is also possible to download compatible Sentinel-2 products from AWS ( Once decompressed, they should be fully compatible with SNAP.


In addition to Fabrizio’s response #4, the tool from can be used to:

  1. Download entire products or individual tiles wrapped as products, either from SciHub or from AWS;
  2. Search for tiles/products by area of interest (WKT supported), tile identifiers, sensing dates;
  3. Search either on SciHub or on AWS;
  4. Filter by relative orbit, cloud percentage (at product level on SciHub, at tile level on AWS);
  5. Fill missing angle grids in certain product granules (if your opening/processing software requires all the grids to be present);
  6. It also works behind a proxy if proxy credentials and info provided.
    The downloaded products are fully compatible with SNAP and Sen2Cor.



Sentinel-2 tile downloader from AWS (RSUtils-package):

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Is it possible to download the tiles of a particular year-month-area using this?