Very slow after SNAP Performance Confiuration Optimization

When I ran SNAP S2 resampling to 10m it was time cunsuming. I tried the SNAP Performance Confiuration Optimization utility and clicked the ‘compute’ button to optimise the system configuration, and got this:

Then I restarted SNAP and ran the S2 resampler and found it was much slower then ever. I checked the CPU and memory load ,CPU ran at more than 90%.
I clicked ‘reset’ button of SNAP Performance Confiuration Optimization but it seemed don’t return to the original configuration of program installation.

how much RAM does your machine have?

It was reported that half the size of the available RAM is a good value in one case: S1 TOPS Coregistration error - Java heap space error?

My workstaion has 128 GB RAM and Intel Xeon 6226CPU @2.7GHz (2 processors)

then 126900m is too much. Enter -XmX=100G for a first try.

Even that might be too much. I’d try a couple of runs with the max heap set in log steps down to 8 GB (e.g. 120G, 64G, 32G, 16G, 8G).

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