What is the dataformat of Sentinel-1 SLC and GRD products?

What is the datatype of Sentinel-1 SLC and GRD products? Is it 16bit or 32 bit?

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page 9, section 6.1.2

Level 1 Image
This section describes the image measurement data sets that can be included in a
Sentinel-1 Level 1 product.
Image measurement data sets within Sentinel-1 L1 products are stored in GeoTIFF
format [R-6] which is built upon the TIFF format [R-5]. Every GeoTIFF file is
therefore a TIFF file. Some image files in Sentinel-1 products will be larger than
4 GB in size. The maximum size for a standard TIFF image is 4 GB, so in order to
accommodate files larger than 4 GB is size, the BigTIFF format [R-7] is used.
BigTIFF is also built upon the TIFF format, extending it to support files of an
arbitrarily large size.
L1 SLC images are generated in 32-bit signed integer format with each pixel
represented by two interleaved I&Q 16-bit signed integer samples in the order:
IQIQIQ… L1 GRD images are generated in 16-bit unsigned integer format with each
pixel representing a single 16-bit magnitude sample. In terms of TIFF output and
metadata tags, this equates to:

For SLC images: BitsPerSample = 32
SamplesPerPixel = 1
SampleFormat = 5 (complex integer, ‘int16’)
For GRD images: BitsPerSample = 16
SamplesPerPixel = 1
SampleFormat = 1 (unsigned integer, ‘uint16’)

On the differences between SLC and GRD - and generally the different product types of SAR data: GTC (Geocoded terrain corrected) data

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