When used Sigma0, Betta0 or Gamma0?

Hi everyone. I’m triying to used GRD (VH and VV) data to measure deforestation.

My flow is:

1)Orbit File
3)Speckle filter
4)Terrain convertion
5) Convert to dB

But in the Calibrate step, I’m confused on which data use, if sigma0, gamma0 or betta0.

I search on the forum and found this image:

and also this paper:

My question is, which radar backscatter should I use for forest application and when used the other 2 options?

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did you see this? Values in file csv
and also an explanation on when to use Beta or Sigma: Using Sentinel 1 in Arcmap

Thank you, I searched on the forum, but I didn’t find it.