Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

the lat/lon bands are added if you check the box at the interferogram formation step:


ok thank you very much. I’m going to try

I have exported the two product to stamps.
I have the 4 new directories and i have PS geocoded the Latitude and the Longitude.
But on this point I have a question.
When I export the new two band Lat and Lon, I obtain two of each one:
one file.hdr and one anther file.
I have copied the .hdr on the geo directory that I have obtained.
is it correct or I have to use the other one?

actually, if you create the interferograms with the checkboxes checked, there is no more need for copying or renaming files. The StaMPS export does the rest.

Ok thanks.
I have exported into stamps and I have deleted the PS geocoded.
I have put :

  • into the bin directory of StaMPS the script mt_prep_gamma
  • into the matlab directory of staMPs the ps_load_initial_gamma.m

The following step is “run mt_prep_gamma” from the directory that contains the new 4 folder created after the Stamp export.
But…i don’t understand how I can do it.
If the “run mt_prep_gamma” is inside the Stamps bin directory, how can I run it from the other folder?
I am using cygwing in windows.
What I have to do?

Make yor scripts available for your shell and use tcsh at best.
You can enter the full path of your exported folder for running mt_prep_gamma_snap_changed.

Use the updated scripts provided by Katherine: About the STaMPS category

However, I wasn’t lucky with cygwin and had to switch to Linux, so I can’t help you for Windows solutions.

I have problem with my workmachine so I must use cygwin.
my problem is that i don’t understand what command I have to use in roder t run “mt_prep_gamma” and from wich directory I have to do it.
I have tried from the directory where I have the export and I have tried with this command:

mt_prep_gamma 20171207/cygdrive/e/new/roma/Stamps/INSAR_master_data/20171207 0.4 2 2 50 200

but the command is not found.

INSAR_master_data in where there are the new 4 directories obtained after the export.

Could you tell me where am I doing wrong?

You have to add the directory of your scripts to cygwin’s path so that they can be called from any location.

To be able to use StaMPS you have to know some basics about command line usage and scripting.

Hi dear, I have 14 images of sentinel 1 , and i want to analyse surface deformation using ps analysis in snap. But i dont know how should i start to analyse, pls help me and write me step by step what i should do, thanks alot​:unamused::unamused:

Please have a look at this overview: About the STaMPS category

Hi dear…I am newer in ps analysing. So I dont know what I should do after exporting stamps in matlab.
Please explain to step by step , what software I shoul install after exporting stamps…I dont understand guys suggestions exactly.

And also I dont khnow after exporting stamps, our displacement maps how can be cretead!!!pls help me​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

You need to install stamps and all related components: (chapter 2 and 6)

Thanks for your reply, but after installing stamps, what should I do!!

run the modified script mt_prep_gamma_snap as described in chapter 6.

Thanks alot,
I have 14 sentinel images, first I did coreg and deb and subset for one master and different slaves, then I genrated ifgs for each pairs, and after removing topo phase, and add elavation band, then I created stack of 13 deb-stacks and stack of 13 ifgs. Am I right??
Then I want to export stamps according your suggestions.and continue analysis

Yes. Now add both the image stack and the interferogram stack in the stamps export. If there is anything wrong you would get an error message.

Thanks for your awesome suggestions dear​:pray::pray: but after exporting stamps I must continue ps analsis according to chapter 2 and chapter 6 of stamps manuel?that,s ok. But after this step what should I do? I mean after generating stamps outputs!!?

you use the outputs from StaMPS export of SNAP and start with the instructions in chapter 6.
But you should really read some of the reportings of other users first, for example this one: Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Hi dear, I have a quastion about how did you creat displacment geraph after doing all steps in ps analysis