Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

No difference.
If you work only with 1 burst, ESD must not to be applied.

hallo I follow your workflow to prepare sentinel images for stamps processing.
Everythings seems ok but no insar_master_date folder was created!
The mt_prep_snap doesn’t find the slc.par files.
do you know wherw I was wrong?
I’m sorry, maybe is a simple thing but I’m new in this field! :slightly_smiling_face:
thank you so much

just to go sure: did you run as the last script?
also to go sure: the folder name will not contain “master_date” but the date of your master in this order: yyyymmdd. For example, the folder will be INSAR_20190721 for a master image selected on 21.07.2019.

If you work only with 1 burst, ESD must not to be applied.
Dafont Showbox Adam4adam

I followed those steps.
And final export result was like this

I have used:

  • 53 images.
  • Stamps v4.1b, Snap 7, ubuntu server 16.04, gcc 4.8, matlab 2016b, python 2.7
  • IW2, single burst
  • All previous steps didn’t get any errors
  • Here is my config file.
  • mt_prep_snap script doesn’t work. My results empty in my patch_1 folder
    image image

can you please also share the mt_prep_snap command you used?

Regardless of the error, I recommend creating a separate folder for the StaMPS processes. Simply create a new directory (at any location) and execute mt_prep_snap here. This helps you to keep the structure clean and doesn’t mix up the original files exported from SNAP with the ones created by Matlab.

Please share also the calamp.out … at it shows if any slave contains all 0’s.

Hi all
I have a problem with ps_plot and I face with this error
does ps_plot.m file have problem?
how can I fix it ?
even after step 6 when I want to plot ps_plot (‘v-dm’), this error occur.

try ps_plot(‘v-dm’,1)

I tried but still doesn’t work

can you please post the command you entered in here? Maybe you use the wrong quotation marks or have a space where there should be none.

ps_plot(‘v’) works but
ps_plot(‘v-dm’) doesn’t work

Thanks for your help but I have a problem:

step =


Loading lonlat matrix…
The logical indices contain a true value outside of the array bounds.

Error in gescatter (line 137)

Error in ps_gescatter (line 83)

do you kow how can I fix ??

Dear All,
I used ps_plot(‘v-d’, ‘ts’) in Stamps to check time series of deformation. I got more or less reasonable deformation trends (subsidence or uplift). However, fluctuations (scattering) of time series seem significant, as shown in the following figures.What I expect are smoother deformation curves.

I got my first result using the SNAP-StaMPS workflow. I used 88 Sentinel SAR images in my analysis.

Can anyone give me some hints? Should I simply apply some temporal filtering on the final time series? Or, should I adjust some parameter settings in the Step 1 ~ Step 8 in the StaMPS?
Thank you very much!

I’m agree with jorge.survey, StaMPS export still downloads SRTM 3 arc sec during the process in order to generate the following file : projected_dem.rslc.

Is there any solution to specify the DEM folder in StaMPS export properties.

maybe you musr run >>stamps(8,8)

Hey everyone,

first of all, i want to thank you all for sharing your experiences in processing Sentinel - 1 data via SNAP and StaMPS. It helped me a lot with my own first attempt.
Everything worked well so far. However, I encounter the following error in step 6 of the StaMPS processing chain:

Undefined function or variable ‘A_save’.

Error in uw_unwrap_space (line 88)
ph_uw_ifg=A_save\dph_save; % least squares inversion

Error in uw_nosnaphu (line 11)

Error in ps_unwrap (line 238)

Error in stamps (line 503)

Has anyone come across this error before and knows how to solve it?

please,tell me why happen this?

have you selected the correct working directory?
What is the structure of the data you process in SNAP?

Hello ABraun,
This is my workflow from SNAP to StaMPS (implementing PS-InSAR):
Part A:
Read-> TOPSAR-Split-> Apply-Orbit-File-> Write
Part B:
PartB1: Read (Master) & Read (2) (Slaves)-> Back-Geocoding-> ESD->
Interferogram-> TopSAR-Deburst-> Write
Read (Master) & Read (2) (Slaves)-> Back-Geocoding-> ESD-> TopSAR-Deburst-> Write
Read-> StampsExport-Write.
Do you think this process is correct?
I now have the following two questions:
Question 1: How to implement “interferogram with elevation and orthorecti fi ed latitude and longitude coordinates”?
Question 2: Do I need to perform Mutilooking and Phase Filtering steps in PartB?