Would you tell me how to make non-cloud image using through IdePix app

Hi, everyone

I’m wondering to make image removing cloud data which are sentinel2 production(S2A_MSIL1C****).
my goal is the right in the bellow image.

< referenced by Sen2Cor configuration and user manual page. 21 >

I have done bellow steps

  1. resampling
  2. IdePix

I don’t understand the reason why the cloud removed from the RGB composite image.
How do you get new RGB bands removed cloud.

What I should do next to IdePix ?
Could you tell me how to get them using the mask data by IdePix more detail ?

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Do you have to use IdePix, or would Sen2Cor be an option, too? apparently, Sen2Cor was the tool used to create the example images.

However, you should note that none of the tools will make the image free of any clouds (or non-cloud) - what it can do is to “remove” (or correct for) semi-transparent cirrus. As shown in the example. Opaque cumulus, e.g., will remain to be there.

If you do not need individual images of specific dates to be cloud-cleared, but could to with multiple date data merged into one cloudfree image, you could use instead an image mosaicing tool. have a look around for “cloud-free mosaics” here or via google to find out how (sen2three could maybe do).

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Many thanks.

I could identify the cloud (cloud_sure, cloud_buffer, cloud_shadow and cirrus_sure) by IdePix.

I don’t know how to remove cloudy and make non-cloudy RGB image like the upper SNAP manual.

What should I do next.

the image you posted above is from sen2cor, IdePix can only identify the clouds.

And sen2cor can only reduce haze, the complete removal of thick clouds is not possible.



Thank you so much.
I understood that Idepix could not remove cloud completely.
I will try to use sen2cor app.

Or did I miss your point?
No. You did not miss. I have little understanding of SNAP.