0 ref PS selected, Array indices must be positive integers or logical values?!

Dear all,
I’m using the ISCE/StaMPS to do a time-series analysis, and all the steps work well on both software without any error. It must be said that my study area has a high variable topography and applied PSInSAR to do so. You can see the results in the following:

After running the Velocity command [ ps_plot(‘v-d’,1,0,0,[1:3,7:8],‘ts’) ], I got the below error:
Could you please tell me what’s wrong with my work? How can I solve it?

ps_info after finishing all steps of PS:

ps_plot ‘w’:

ps_plot ‘u’: Could you please let me know if the unwrapped ifgs have a abnormal color/presentation?

Dear Ramos, many thanks for your advice…
As follows I changed the ref_radius and 67 ref PS were selected but still got the same error!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ramos,
As mentioned above I use the ISCE software to generate ifgs, and I checked all of them without empty one.

Dear all,
After a long search and studying the previous discussions (such as https://groups.google.com/g/mainsar/c/sd9oVlTgB9U/m/7fwWE_68BAAJ), I found that may change the value of “merge_resample_size” and “unwrap_grid_size” parameters to higher than 50 (100 0r 200), of course for the small area (landslide caused deformations) with high topography variations could solve the issue. Done and got better results without mentioned errors.


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what do the numbers with the unit of (degree) represent in the ps_info command? do they represent the calculated noise?

yes, this is the amount of noise: