10 m classification missing


I’m missing the 10 m classification ('S2A_USER_SCL_L2A…*…10m_jp2) in my output after running sen2cor process.
I have implemented the workaround provided by @ChristianSeverin (thanks again!).

I do have 20 m and 60 m SCL products available in <result_folder>/GRANULE/<granule_name>/IMG_DATA/
The folders R10m, R20m and R60m contain the band data in the respective resolution (S2A_USER_MSI_L2A...) and S2A_USER_AOT, S2A_USER_VIS and S2A_USER_WVP data (all .jp2).

Does the classification use a band from the 20 m resolution and is thus limited to 20 m (and will be in the future) or is this simply missing like the 10 m band data without the workaround mentioned above?