180-360 deg longitude of global rasters not operable

Hi all,

Concerning ERA5 global datasets and according to https://confluence.ecmwf.int/display/CKB/ERA5%3A+What+is+the+spatial+reference

“All gridded data is made available in Decimal Degrees, lat/lon, with latitude values in the range [-90;+90] referenced to the equator and longitude values in the range [0;360] referenced to the Greenwich Prime Meridian.”

The data seem to display ok in SNAP, but as soon as I run operators using the geolocation (e.g. StatsOp, Reproject), the 180-360° longitude interval, namely the Americas, goes missing. Is there a way to appropriately handle this data in SNAP, or to modify the latitudes represented by the data?

Thanks for any help!

That’s indeed an issue.
I’ve created a ticket for it: https://senbox.atlassian.net/browse/SNAP-1268