3D Mapping With SNAP

Hi Every One,

I Have Question Please Help Me
Is It Possible To Create 3D Maps With SNAP Software
I Estimate Surface Subsidence Of My Study Area and After That I Want To Display It As 3D View
What Should I Do…???

maybe you could try to export result to .tiff format,then you can write a program and can use MATLAB software to achieve the image of the three-dimensional effect.

hi ali, i dont know that snap have such capabilities or not ,but it is possible by arcscen esri software.

oh,good,please share links with it.thanks.

You cannot create a 3D DEM in snap, but what you can do the following:

Using qgis2threejs plugin, you can visualize your DEM into 3 dimensions

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plz tell me how we get 2D DEM in SNAP (steps involve)?
and is this for SLC data set ?


there are some good tutorials you can follow on the following link: