A bug: "Phase_ifg_srd_..."

Hi Developers:

There is no img file for “Phase_ifg_srd_…” in any of the following products:
topsar deburst
topophase removal
goldstein filtering

However, when any of the above files are open for terrain correction, the “Phase_ifg_srd_…” band is shown as source band.

The terrain correction from gpt without calling such masic bandname (“Phase_ifg_srd_…”) does not write the terrain corrected interferogram band. Is not it bug?

Hi Developers

any update in this question, please? waiting for someones responses…

Are you using a graph file which may have been saved with band names from a previous scenario?


no i am not using graph file. I am using gpt command line. It became difficult to know the name of nterferogram band (“Phase_ifg_srd_…”) in the advance because it is not in the .img files.

dear all,
any progress in it? thanks…