A problem when running snaphu_unwrapping


I have used SNAP to generate the interferogram, and also snaphu export to a .img file. However, when i was using snaphu unwrapping, it shows: Variable SNAPHU_TOOL_EXE is not set, Variable SNAPHU_EXE is not set.

I am using MacBook. I have downloaded snaphu, and set the environment variable like this

set path = /Users/hippobaby/Documents/INSAR/Results/snaphu-v1.4.2/bin $path

export SNAPHU_TOOL_EXE="/Users/hippobaby/Documents/snaphu-v1.4.2_linux/src"

export SNAPHU_EXE="/Users/hippobaby/Documents/snaphu-v1.4.2_linux/src"

However, when i try to compile the snaphu, i failed. It looks like
$ make

cc -static -O3 -fopenmp -c -o snaphu_tile.o snaphu_tile.c

clang: error: unsupported option '-fopenmp’

make: *** [snaphu_tile.o] Error 1

If you have any idea on how to solve this problem, that will be great valuable for me.