A reference book on SAR Simulation

Hello.I’am working on sar orthorectification based on SAR Simulation.In the help contents of SAR Simulation,there is a refference book named SAR geocoding: data and systems.But I found the book not available on Amazon or on any other bookmarket.It’s quite an old book.Could anyone tell me where to get it?Thanks a lot.

Library? Try WorldCat.org. At least one chapter is available on ResearchGate.

On WorldCat indeed some libraries keep the book however it’s too far.And the chapter on ResearchGate maybe the only chapter avavlable on the internet but not what I want.Maybe I should check more local libraries to see if they keep the book.Anyway thanks for your help.

Try contacting the author of the chapter you want. If their copyright terms allow, they may be able to provide an electronic format for “personal use”.

please who can help me? how to download earth data from Alaska earth data it is new for me and I want to use the product of Alaska earth data, Thank you

You should start a new topic rather than posting in a old topic.

ASF is a NASA EarthData DAAC, so you need a NASA EarthData login. Tolls for finding and downloading EarthData includes ASF. Note that after you get an EarthData login you may need to register for the services you want to use.

thank You dear