A WebApp that promotes Sentinel-2 uptake for a given region

Forgive me if I make an announcement rather than asking a question but this may be of interest to those using Sentinel-2 data. (Hope that’s okay with the mods)

If you need to monitor the utility of Sentinel-2 imagery for your particular region or island - you might try the WebApp I wrote: IsolaS2.

It’s up on github pages here
IsolaS2 Web-App - by CRS4

with the code here:

It’s possible to customise a new region/island by specifying a small declarative HTML file - like those in IsolaS2/src/sites at main · crs4/IsolaS2 · GitHub
Send a Pull Request and I’ll try to honour it.

There’s a tech report here: https://publications.crs4.it/pubdocs/2022/Bre22/Brelstaff-IsolaS2%20web-app%20Rapid%20assessment%20of%20the%20utility%20of%20the%20Sentinel-2%20MSI%20land-use%20data%20for%20regional%20actors.pdf