About conversion of data types

I have a floating point raster (standard deviation in db) and want to rescale it from 0 to 255.

When I use Raster > Data Conversion > Convert Datatype and select uint8 as an output and linear stretch (95%) i get the following pattern:

I wonder where these gaps come from. I chose another no data value (0 and 255) but it had no effect on the data.

Any ideas?

The image looks fine, click the red text to compute accurate histogram, could be a rendering error. Also check the histogram in the “Analysis” menu.

Last option would be reopening the output or even redoing the data conversion, if it persists, you have found a bug, yet I would guess it is a rendering error of the histogram.


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well, that was easy :innocent:
Thank you for this hint - the properly calculated histogram looks fine.

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