about downloading forest_type_CLS.tif

can anybody please tell me about where or how will i get this file for pariticular sentinel 2 image data .

Please include where you have read about this dataset.

hi ,actually i am a masters students and m working on snow cover mapping .i am in a learning phase of SNAP and when i was watching RUS WEBINAR OF SNOW COVER there i came to know about this dataset but i dont know from where to get it .

Thank you. It is important to include this, because otherwise we would not know what this is all about.
I had a quick check and found this tutorial:
Snow cover mapping with Sentinel-2

This tutorial is somehow based on prepared data. The original Sentinel-2 data does not have forest type information included. Unfortunately, the tutorial is not very clear on how it was included. Yet, on page 20 it is stated that this comes from the Copernicus Land Service

This leads us to this page: https://land.copernicus.eu/pan-european/high-resolution-layers/forests/forest-type-1/status-maps/2015
You can create a free account and download the data.

thank you so much for helping me out.

bandmerge and source product.2 is not compatible to master product .what does this error means and how it can be resolved can anybody please help me out.

sorry, please provide more information how it came to this error. It is rather general and it’s hard to solve without knowing what you have done.

when i was going through RUS WEBINAR of snow cover mapping sentinel 2 at the time of graph building second time when i passed forest_type_cls.tif and run that ,while batch processing at the time of giing inputs to bandmath it is showing the error that source product is not compatible to master product and i dont know what does this mean .please help me out in this.

For specific questions on the RUS tutorials I recommend using the RUS user forum instead, because the people who published them can directly answer.
We can only guess about their ideas and intentions.

ok thanku .

Hi Sheetal1

Did you resolve this? I have the same issue but i dont know why. I did the same workflow as the tutorial for images (S2-2A) of different dates but this week the warning message starts to appear when i try to merge de forest type (this information i did it, i mean i calculated and classify a NDVI to obtein the forest type).

For this issue i tried to did a resample and reprojection for the TIF but didn´t work.