About L1C data

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Is the image of L1C not corrected for atmosphere?

Level-1C is top of atmosphere reflectance
Level-2A is bottom of atmosphere reflectance

Is L2A better if I want to get information on the water surface?

if you want to use multiple images, L2A gives you more comparable data.

Multiple images?

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if you want to compare images of different dates, it is advisable to use the calibrated L2A products because their information is corrected for atmospheric conditions.

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Is there a site other than this site that can get L2A data for free?

Copernicus Open Access Hub

L2A data will be progressively provided by ESA, but not every scene is already processed.
More information: https://earth.esa.int/web/sentinel/missions/sentinel-2/news/-/article/update-of-copernicus-sentinel-2-level-1c-and-level-2a-processing-baselines

Besides that, you can process L2A products from L1C with sen2cor.

Why doesn’t the process start when I press Run?

you have to install both the plugin and the bundles. Please have a look at the instructions here: Sen2cor (detailled instructions)

about [#5. Create SEN2COR_HOME]

Does folder mean creating a folder named SEN2COR_HOME?
I did so, but couldn’t run Sen2Cor.

no, SEN2COR_HOME is just the name of the variable pointing to the directory where sen2cor is installed.

So what is a new folder?

please specify your question.

about [#5. Create SEN2COR_HOME]

What should I do with “Create a new folder” in this chapter?

What is a new folder?


source: https://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-create-a-new-folder-in-windows-10/

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