About L2A_SceneClass

I have used the tool Sen2Cor,but I think that my result is wrong.I have read the guidebook and see the SC.However,I didn’t obtain a classfication image when finished the processing .So,What is the right processflow?Someone can exchange experiences using Sen2Cor and SNAP with me ?

sorry for asking, probably you already did that:
But did you look under bands > quality > quality_scene_classification?

How does your output product look like?

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Thanks a lot!I have found it! But i really think that there is some problems during my Sen2Cor installation.When I want to intergrate Sen2Cor to SNAP,it reminds me that “can’t find the PYTHON_BIN”,so i correct the PYTHON_BIN to python.exe.Maybe it is wrong.My computer system is Windows7,SNAP is 4.0,python is 3.1,Sen2Cor is 4.0.How can I contact you,I can’t place a picture here.

try to put the whole path to your Python installation in PYTHON_BIN.

You can insert screenshots by Ctrl+V or via the upload button.

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