About offset-tracking VV and VH bands

When I do offset-tracking, I find that in the tutorial only VV band is in the sample product, but in my products there are both VH and VV bands. So I want to know I shoule delete VH bands in which step in the tutorial? Thanks!

you can select the VV band during the import of your S1 product by un-checking VH in the Subset dialog

The imported product then starts with “subset_” and only contains the VV information

Thanks! Can I delete VH band after the step of ‘apply orbit file’? Will it affect the result of offset-tracking?

instead of deleting the band, I would rather recommend to use the Band Select under Raster > Data Conversion

Here you can write a new product with only one polarization when you select it in the top list:


Leave the source bands as they are (unselected). This grants that all metadata is correctly written in the product and that the deletion won’t cause any errors at later steps.

Thank you very much! But can I do it like this? Because I have processed a lot of data in this way, I wonder if it will have any impact on the results?

should work as well, but make sure that you save the product afterwards (file > safe) to make it permanent.

OK,thanks a lot! I have saved every product after deleting VH bands. :blush: