About S1 D-insar work flow

I am a newby in SNAP,before I get to SNAP,I use envi Sarscape to process SAR .I learn by the PDF in the esa website.In a weeks learning,I have not found the D-insar workflow inSNAP.
I want to know whether SNAP can do D-InSAR

Please have a look at these posts and topics:

Please also note that differential SAR interferometry is something complex which cannot be fully understood within one week. Especially when it comes to errors and where they come from you need a proper understanding of what is done in the single steps and why.

What if I want to use multiple images and run D-insar. Image I hade 10-12 images and wanted to run a d-insar test to check for any possible ground deformation. What would I do in Snap? Is there a general workflow for using multiple images and detect land movement in them. or should I just multiple interferograms and detect land movement by eyeballing the ints?

I suggest the latter. It was recently discussed here: Land subsidence

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Hi, This video cannot be played. Is there any other link?

this one? https://youtu.be/w6ilV74r2RQ

Thanks, and maybe my computer needs to over the wall.