Acceptable temporal baseline between SBAS pairs?

I have been reviewing the literature on SBAS and I’m having difficulty in determining a “sweet spot” for temporal baseline between pairs for SBAS analysis.

Studies are using ranges from less than 50 days to 250 days and over (!) between pairs using Sentinel-1, without really explaining the reasoning behind choosing that specific number.

What is your experience with SBAS and temporal baselines? I am currently allowing for a max of 48 days between pairs but even with such a small baseline I am reaching hundreds of IFG’s for very long study periods, anything higher would create an unreasonable processing time.

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HI Steffan, did you find an answer for this question?

I have not. I’m using 50 days to keep computation reasonable.

Hi Steffan, do you know what will happen if time baseline is too long in SBAS? the data I have used gapped more than 250 days, but it still gets the result. I don’t how the accuracy is.