Access DEM files locally


As I want to avoid SNAP connecting remotely to get DEM tiles to perform terrain correction, I opted to download all DEM (srtm1) and store them in a folder in my disk.

Now I want to tell SNAP to access directly that folder instead of connecting to the server and downloading it. It should be very simple but I cannot get over it. I tried to store all DEM zip files in the folder used by SNAP by default but SNAP kept looking for DEM files online.
Then i changed the path located in <installDir/etc/ to:
DEM.srtm1HgtDEM_HTTP = D:/SNAP/auxdata/dem_manual_download/

Now i keep getting the following error:
Unknown protocol: d

Any help on how should i make SNAP pointing to the right directory?

thank you very much!

Hello Corrado

Keep the property DEM.srtm1HgtDEM_HTTP unchanged. This is the URL ( to the DEM source.
Instead uncomment the AuxDataPath property and set to the base location of your DEM folders.
AuxDataPath = D:/SNAP/auxdata/
The demPath property below change to
demPath = ${AuxDataPath}/dem_manual_download

But I’m missing here a dataPath property for this DEM as it exists for e.g., DEM.srtm3GeoTiffDEMDataPath.
So, I’m not sure if this works.
@lveci or @jun_lu can you comment on this?

Hi @marpet,

thank you! i am pretty sure i tried with the standard aux data folder, and add the srtm dem files into .snap\auxdata\dem\SRTM 1Sec HGT. But SNAP was still checking on the URL you mentioned first.
I will try again

Hi @marpet , (@lveci , @jun_lu)

I tried what you suggested but did not seem to work. I can make SNAP point to the general dem folder but not to the specific srtm1 as the dataPath for it cannot be set. Any further ideas?

thank you very much