Access to NRT Sentinel 2 imagery


My apologies if I am not posting this in the proper place. We are a group of entrepreneurs willing to validate a business idea which requires NRT Sentinel 2 imagery. Is this available currently or will be in near future? Would you be so kind inform me where I can find out this information? What is the average latency between the satellite pass and image availability for European countries?

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At the sentinel hub are already products available from this morning (
You can ask for details at:
Or maybe someone else can give more details here.

Hi Juan,

S2 products are available from a number of sources, but I prefer the Copernicus Open Access Hub ( ). This page ( might be of use to you. And these FAQs might prove handy, too.

NRT production is defiend as beign within 3 hours of acquisition. A check of Sensing Time and Ingestion Time of a product received this morning highlights a period of 03:26:24 (hh:mm:ss) between the two.



Thank you both for your replies. Where can I find information about the ingestion time of a product? Would there be any way of having that information (latency) automatically for a certain area? Is there any way of predicting the latency for certain products or AOIs in order to plan response for emergency issues?

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