Activation failed: Not all requested modules can be enabled

I was using SNAP for a while earlier this year and everything worked fine. When I tried to open it yesterday to process some SAR data the software was not able to load the modules required. I tried updating, manually installing the modules, and completely uninstalling and reinstalling the software and I get the same problem. In the plugin manager I can see that the plugins I want are installed, but when I try to activate them I get an error saying “Activation failed: Not all requested modules can be enabled”. The only active plugins are “Internet API” and “RPC Platform”. I can not figure out why they can not be enabled. It seems like it is able to locate the .jar files in their appropriate locations… Any advice would be much appreciated.

Probably Something went wrong during the update process. Maybe the download was interrupted or something like this.
If you are on Windows type in the filesystem explorer %appdata%/SNAP, on Linux and Mac you can go to <USER_HOME>/.snap/system and delete the modules folder.
Afterwards, start SNAP again and try to update it again.

Thanks for the advice. I did end up getting the modules to load after some work. There were apparently some associated files that were not being deleted during the uninstall that were messing me up when trying to reinstall again.
Thanks again!

When I install and try to open SNAP, I get the following:
Warning - could not install some modules:
SNAP Core Library - the module named org.esa.snap.ceres.binio was needed and not found
As well as several other modules.

I guess you tried to update the SNAP installation. Unfortunately this happens sometimes if the server is to busy. Then not all modules can be properly downloaded. Please try reinstall and update again later (tomorrow).