Add Land Cover Band: bug ?

Dear Sirs,
I am using the menù option “Add Land Cover Band” and using the Cover model:CCILandCover-2015 but at the end of the process I have as a result an empty band.
I try to use other models and tehy work.
In particular in the Colour Manipulation all the frequencies are null.
Please could you help me to understand the problem from where it comes ?


I have tried it and can confirm this behaviour of SNAP. I have created a ticket for this [SITBX-875] Adding Copernicus Land Cover 2015 does not work - JIRA

Dear Braun,
please could you update me on the issue I reported ?
Is there a forecast for the solution of the problem?
Thanks a lot for your help.

according to the issue tracker it is still open.

Dear Braun, sorry but since I have to continue my work,
do you suggest to install the previous working release of SNAP?

You can try, but maybe it the link to the data has changed so any SNAP version will fail to fetch the data correctly. You can download the data manually, if you need it.

Dear Braun,
once more time thanks for your help.
Now, I donwloaded this file as you suggested me: but I am not able to understand how to tell SNAP to use it.
Please could you help me again ?

First, you make sure that both are in the same projection (reproject the land cover data, when necessary), then you use collocation to bring them into one product. Use nearest neighbor resampling in both cases to conserve the class values as integers.

Similar as shown here: Synergetic use of S1 (SAR) and S2 (optical) data and use of analysis tools

What data are you using by the way?