Add Land cover band

Anybody knows why the image is blank when I click “Add Land Cover band”?
I tried the CCLLandcover and GCL2000,as follows:

And my image area:




Do you know anything about this problem?Or do you have any other methods to get Land cover data?

Thank you!

what happens when you move your mouse over the data? Is something displayed in the Pixel Info tab?

Sometimes, it is good to apply right-click > convert band (if possible) and then File > Save product to initiate the actual download and storage.

Thanks for your reply.When I try it again,the image shows. But I have two more questions:

  • Here are my processed SLC data and CCL data. The shapes of the two images are different,are they correspond in pixels?
  • According to the colour manipulation,adding up the frequencies of each type does not equal 100%. Why?

Excuse my poor english and thanks!

the spatial resolution of the landcover map is resampled to the resolution of the target product.

about the percentages: I am not sure, maybe they also include the area outside the S1 coverage.