After sen2cor,cannot open the image in the folder R10m and folder R20m

After a long-time attempt, I finally installed sen2cor and it can operated successfully in resolution 10m,20m,60m.
However,I can’t open the image (just like : S2A_USER_MSI_L2A_TL_SGS__20161014T062101_A006850_T51TWN_B02_10m.jp2) in the folder R10m and R20m.The SNAP will warn me “Error while reading the file”!!!Just like the following picture shows :sob:

But the image(like this one: S2A_USER_MSI_L2A_TL_SGS__20161014T062101_A006850_T51TWN_B02_60m.jp2) in floder R60m can be opened in the SNAP.

I don’t konw WHY!!!
Please help me !!!

did you try opening the whole product with the corresponding xml file?
You can choose File > Import > Optical > Sentinel-2 > Level1A

@ABraun @ABraun @ABraun
As you tell me the method,i open a .xml file.but i don’t know whether it’s true.Just like the following picture shows :

if right, there are some things that I can’t understand. when doing the atmospheric correction by using sen2cor, i choose the resolution 10m 20m 60m,respectively. if i choose 10m, the sen2cor only do the atmospheric correction on band2,band3,band4,band4 and band8???if i choose 20m ,the sen2cor only do the atmospheric correction on resolution20-bands???
but i read the introduction, it tell me that :

which confused me a lot.

thank you !!! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

yes, you choose a resolution for sen2cor but a product including all bands is generated somehow. I don’t want to answer something wrong so maybe someone who is sure about it can answer that in more detail.