After the last update of SNAP (7.0.3) I can't open xml S-3 file

After the last update of SNAP (version 7.0.3) I can’t open *.xml Sentine-3 files
I receive an error “java.lang.nullPointerException”
I attached an image illustrating the java error.
Also I attached the log file

messagesSNAP.log (68.0 KB)

I would appreciate any ideas
Ioannis Faraslis

Hi, can you tell me the name of the product you were trying to open?

Hello, is sentinel-3 level 2 product.
Before the update (Snap 7.0 version) I could open the xml file.
Please see the attached image.


Hello, I have the same problem with an LST product: S3A_SL_2_LST____20180516T070244_20180516T084343_20180517T142714_6059_031_163______LN2_O_NT_003.SEN3
Nothing happens when trying to open the xml file.

hI CristianD
The only solution that I found, until now, is to reinstall the snap 7.0.0 without the updates. 7.0.3, etc… (select cancel at the pop-up “Plugin Installer”).
With this solution I can open sentinel-3 level 2 xml data.

We are working on this issue and an update should be releasesd these days.
I apologize for the problems it caused.

Finally, we got this fixed and an update is availble.
Again, sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Thanks a lot!