After upgrade 13527 error

I am processing S1 data from slc to grdh.
I did successfully for scenes from january to june 2018.
I would like to complete a time series for a whole year, but in july I got stopped.
My system seems to have enough memory.
$ df reports used less than 1% of hard disk.

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/vda1 508588 256224 252364 51% /boot

/dev/mapper/centos-home 49774852 237908 49536944 1% /home

/dev/vdb1 515927296 468442344 21254220 96% /application

tmpfs 3278160 48 3278112 1% /run/user/1001

tmpfs 3278160 12 3278148 1% /run/user/42

I accepted sugestion to update SNAP before this error occurs.

I restarted vm two times looking to solve it, but problem persists.

Please, could you tell me what is wrong?


Juan López

Could you provide the full original product name and the graph you are using? Thanks

This is the full product name and description


Date: 2018-07-12T22:41:48.896Z, Instrument: SAR-C SAR, Mode: VV VH, Satellite: Sentinel-1, Size: 7.21 GB

My graph is this

you can at least skip the SRGR step. The data is converted to ground range in the Terrain Correction anyway.

I don’t know if this causes the error but It should at least make your processing a bit faster.

Thank you!

I removed SRGR step, but error is the same 13527. This is the new graph.Error-persists

I applied standard S-1 SLC to GRD graph. This time error is other. S1-SLC-GRD

I cannot go on with S1 processing now.
Is there a way to roll back last upgrade in SNAP?