ALOS 2 Level 1.5 data problem

Hi, I am using ALOS 2 level 1.5 dataset (GeoTIFF format) but there is some problem while importing it into SNAP?
Please help, it’s urgent.

please describe your problem - we need more information to be able to help you.

basically, I have an ALOS PALSAR 2 level 1.5 dataset in GeoTIFF format. The problem is I can’t open the dataset using the “import” option of SNAP. But when I open it using the “open product” option both HH & HV polarization give the same image, statistics of both of the polarizations are also the same.

Have you tried to load the data via File > Import > SAR Sensors > ALOS 2 GeoTIFF

yes, but it’s showing can’t find reader for the given format.

I just tested with a L1.5 GeoTiff format and it works.

What is the name of the file which you selected in the import?

I have used the .tiff file. I am attaching a image , just take a look and tell me which one I should use

Where is this data from?

This is how mine looks (from JAXA):

Could be that the format you use is somehow different from the one that SNAP reads.

We have purchased the data from JAXA through NRSC, India.
Any suggestion regarding the problem will be really helpful.

I don’t understand why all your files end with “RUA” - probably they were processed by another facility? Can you ask at NRSC?

According to PALSAR 2 handbook R= georeference (processing option), U= UTM (map projection) and A =ascending mode (orbit direction). That’s why all of my files end with RUA.

oh, then GUD = geocoded UTM descending, I see…


Maybe SNAP cannot handle data with map projection but without north orientation (geo-coded according to their definition)

Do you have the chance to order Level-1.1 product instead? This is supported in SNAP and would avoid many errors.