ALOS 2 PALSAR Baseline Determination

Please I am trying to search pair of ALOS 2 PALSAR for interferometry application but not sure how to determine the perpendicular baseline between pairs, which can easily be achieved with the baseline computation tool in ASF in the case of Sentinel1. Can someone please help with a suggestion?

did you find a way to do so if so could you share

I don’t know of a site that allows searches for ALOS-2 data by baseline between pairs, but the ALOS-2 satellite baselines are generally less than about 200 meters, which is good for L-band InSAR analysis. It is much better than the first ALOS satellite that had variations of up to 5000 meters.

With snap, under radar->Interferometric->Stack Overview, you can calculate the perpendicular baseline. But I am not sure if it can be applied on ALOS-2 data.
Or you can check Discovery-asf_search/ at master · asfadmin/Discovery-asf_search · GitHub or snap source code and find out how they calculate the p baseline of Sentinel1 pairs with their metadata, then just transfer to ALOS2