ALOS-2 PALSAR Interferometry

Is Interferometry steps for ALOS requires some more/extra processing steps than sentinel-1? Please give me details

Actually, it is less steps.

  1. Coregistration
  2. Interferogram computation
  3. Interferogram filtering or multi-looking (both optional)
  4. Unwrapping

If you have ALOS PALSAR (not ALOS-2) data, you have to perform Deskewing as well.

Thanks for your quick reply.
So you mean that i dont have to perform phase filtering and topographic phase removal??

topographic phase removal is not related to the sensor. It depends on what you want to do with the data. Please have a look at this question which explains the difference: What is different of DInSAR and InSAR

Phase filtering is mostly a good idea but not necessarily required.

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