Alos-2 Radiometric Calibration error

I process the data (with the information below) in SNAP esa software and perform the Radiometric Calibration process, but I get the error “A problem occurred during the target product initialisation.”
Type: OperatorException
Message: Input should be a SAR product
the information:
Data Format:

  • Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) format
  • Filenames for different data components:
    • Mask: ALOS2497993600-230813_WBDR2.2GUD_MSK.tif
    • Local Incidence Angle: ALOS2497993600-230813_WBDR2.2GUD_LIN.tif
    • HH Polarization Backscatter: ALOS2497993600-230813_WBDR2.2GUD_HH_SLP.tif
    • HV Polarization Backscatter: ALOS2497993600-230813_WBDR2.2GUD_HV_SLP.tif


  • Geometric Correction Accuracy:
    • Northern Standard Deviation: 3.984 meters
    • Eastern Standard Deviation: 4.897 meters
    • Northern Bias: 0.611 meters
    • Eastern Bias: 0.927 meters

Other Information:

  • Product Type: Normalised Radar Backscatter (CARD4L)
  • Copyright: JAXA/EORC
  • Data Acquisition Date: August 13, 2023
  • Satellite: ALOS-2
  • Sensor: PALSAR-2
  • Radar Band: L-band
  • Polarizations: HH and HV
  • Product Level: SLC (Single Look Complex)
  • Pixel Spacing: 25 meters
  • Coordinate Reference System: WGS 84 / UTM Zone 48N
  • Bounding Box: 103.087051°E - 106.856302°E, 2.660435°N - -1.050742°N