ALOS Palsar Interfarogram

I’ve been trying to generate Interfarograms by using Sentinel 1 toolbox, however the phase does not make any sense, even with good coherence. I’m working with Level 1.1 Complex products!
Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this problem?
Thank you!

Use the latest S1TBX in SNAP, deskew the ALOS 1.1 product, then use Insar coregistration and interferogram.

We don’t correct the orbits for ALOS. Does anyone know if there are more precise orbits available for ALOS?

The image showed above is the interfarogram after deskewing and InSAR corregistration. The corregistration was good and the coherence is above 0.6 in most of the region. However the phase still doesn’t make any sense. These are the details of the images I’m using:
Beam mode: FBD
Faraday rotation: -0.28°
Ascending/Descending: Ascending
Off Nadir Angle: 34.3°
Frequency: L-Band
Polarization: HH+HV

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Hi osvaldogux
I faced the same problem few months ago but the results seems to be very disturbed, In your case your coherence image doesn’t look correct, i did get a coherence image same with strips which cannot be used further i tried different ways but still the same result. If you have been using the SNAP desktop for a long time you might have understand its limitations and specially in case of alos palsar images which has different orbital parameters. Because of the disturb outputs i choose a different software it worked now i have completed my process.But unfortunately this software is commercial. There are few other free software you can try, be aware of their limitation GMT SAR , ROI Pack

Sorry i couldn’t help you much,If you have any thing i’m glad to discuss in research gate

all the best for your work
Best Regards