ALOS-PALSAR Level 1.1 dual band inferetometry


For better or worse, my area of interest in northern Nevada is covered only by ALOS-Palsar data that is FBD. Is it possible to do InSAR with ALOS-Palsar Level 1.1 FBD imagery? I ask since after coregistration, the succesive slave images are all completely black. No other error message appears.

Is there any way to say just use the complex data from one polarization, say HH?

Best and thanks, Mark

Did you apply AlosDeskew to the pair before coregistration? If you only want one polarization, you could use the bandSelect operator.

No, I didn’t do that and after some more digging on here, I see where that is probably my first mistake…thanks and sorry for the bother.

The band select operator is under which menu? (I don’t have the program on the computer I’m currently on.) Can this be done before coregistration?

Best, MEH

BandSelect is only found in the graph builder under raster

Great! Thanks much. We’ll see later today how this all works. MEH