ALOS PALSAR Level 1.1 focused at zero-doppler

Dear all,

Do you know if it is possible to get ALOS PALSAR Level 1.1 (focused) with zero-doppler geometry?

This is highly recommended to work with time series data, when wanted to use interferometry to measure any time of surface deformation.

As far as I know, the one provided by ESA is not zero-doppler.
Had any of you faced this type of issue?

You can use ALOS deskewing under “Geometry” to convert to zero-doppler.

You can use InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE) to focus ALOS PALSAR Level 1.0 data in deskewed zero-Doppler geometry. The stripmapStack processor in ISCE produces coregistered SLC images designed for time-series analysis. Level 1.0 data is available from the Alaska Satellite Facility, not sure about ESA.


As @EJFielding suggested, you can use the ISCE to process the ALOS Level 1.0 data with the zero-Doppler geometry. It is very well to work and then you can do the time series processing using the MintPy package.

ISCEis also compatibly with StaMPS, correct?
Thanks all for your answers!

Yes, exactly. You can use the tutorial which made by David in the ISCE package to know how you can do it.