Alos palsar offset


could some one let me know the details of the pre processing steps for offset tracking (in SNAP 6.0 beta) using ALOS PALSAR - Jaxa 1.1 SLC data downloaded from ESA.

Once you pre-processed your data so you have it calibrated and in range geometry you can start with the coregistering as described in the tutorial:

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It was outdated, I replaced it:

Dear sir! Do you use the offset-tracking method to alos-2 data? Can s1tbx solve the slc data?

The principle is the same. Coregister the two images and apply the offset tracking. SLC/L1.1 products are supported by SNAP.

Thank you,sir!

I meet a question as shown in the figure.

If you want to use Sentinel-1 data, I advise to use GRD products instead of SLC. You can simply coregister them and the file size is considerably smaller.
A very nice tutorial is given here:

If you want to stick to SLC, you need to apply a bit more steps before the images are usable:
Use the S1 Tops Coregistration instead, select the desired Swath and bursts (described here) and then apply TOPS Deburst. This creates a Stack of two SLC images.

Thank you sir! I will have a try.

Dear sir!Is the offset-tracking method suitable for seismic deformation?

usually youu define a small area in which you expect the offset (e.g. a glacier). I don’t think the approach works well on a full image. Maybe you want to create an interferogram instead?
You can use this tutorial:

Here you find nice explanations on how it can be interpreted:

Ok,than you very much!