ALOS processing

Dear colleagues,
I made some efforts to produce interferograns from ALOS 1.1 SLC data. Since I have to make temporal analyses I need to process about 20 scenes. So the simple answer is to make a graph, but surprisingly i can nor find in the graph builder the coregistration tool I’ve used via Radar->Coregistration->Coregistration.

Any ideas how to overcome this?
Thanks for your input.

Coregistration consists of two modules, cross-correlation and warp. You can build them in the graph builder similar to the arrangement of the GUI tool:

@ABraun Thank you for your advice. I will make the graph and will post it for comments.

you’re welcome. Feel free to share your experience. It should work out but I haven’t tried it myself so I am also interested.

Actually I’m working on ALOS SLC data for small island in Antarctic trying to check if interferometry could be of use. By now the results are not promising for the large amount of water present in the data. I’m not aware how to limit processing just to the places having elevation above sea level i.e. some masking.

is the land-sea mask operator an option then?

I’m not sure if this land-sea mask will work before interferogram formation and what the result will be.

Here is the graph I used for processing.

maybe it makes sense to first try step by step in the GUI and have a look at each intermediate product before autmating the whole chain.

This is what I did the day before yesterday with only difference i did multilooking before snaphu export.
But I suppose the problem is that for sea surface the coherence is quite low (mainly in the interval 0.05 - 0.2) which reflects on the whole processing.