ALOS1 Geocoding and terrain correction problem in S1

I am trying to geocode ALOS1 data using S1 toolbox but somehow the final geocoded/tarrian corrected output is not correct. I tried the same with ASF and it works perfectly fine. I need both intensity and local incidence angle for further processing. With ASF, I got only intensity matrix. So, I need to process the data using S! toolbox only. For other satellites like Radarsat2, S1 toolbox works perfectly. The problem occurs only to ALOS1 data.
Can any one help me with above problem.

Did you follow the tutorial on ALOS Orthorectification here

For ALOS1, you need to deskew and then use SAR Simulation Terrain Correction. Sometimes you may need a large window in the GCP Selection.

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Yes, Mr. Iveci. I gone through the tutorial you suggested. The process you elaborated for ALOS orthorectification is working perfectly. Thank you!