ALOS2 deskewing

I am following the steps in the ALOS PALSAR Orthorectification Tutorial (March 2015) found on the ESA Sentinel1 website and I have trouble using the Deskewing tool. I input the data as shown in the manual and then Run the process. I get an error message : “A problem occurred during the target product initialisation. Type: OperatorException, Message: ALOS-Deskewing: GeoCoding is null.”
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

What level products are you using?

I am using SLC data, level 1.1

ALOS deskewing is only needed for ALOS-1 not ALOS-2.
An early beta of the software did not read properly the ALOS-2 geocoding. Are you using the latest software?
Is it a CEOS format product or GeoTIFF or Vexcel format?


Ok, thanks.
I am using s1tbx 1.1.1 version.
And this is CEOS format product.
Does that mean I won’t be able to do the terrain correction?

Hi all, i am working with two ALOS-1 and one ALOS-2 images. without performing deskewing, teh ALOS-1 images are shifted approx. 1km southward compared to ALOS-2 data. After performing deskewing, both ALOS-1 data result shifted of approx… 0.5km Northward, so there still is a 1D shift to the data. am I doing something wrong?
ALOS-1 and ALOS-2 dont align well, I ended up performing Ground Control Point geo-referencing but I dont think this is the best way.
any help is very much appreciated, cheers

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Any luck with that? did you find a good method?