ALOS2 FBD dual pol polarimetric processing

Dear Abraun, after several trials I was not able to produce any result. Maybe the processing I am doing is wrong? I am importing the ceos data in polsarpro, then extracting Sxx and Sxy and also coverting them into C2 matrix. Then, if I run polarimetric decomposition HA, the result seems empty. I am not sure I missed some passage before it. Furthermore, do I have to do calibration and geocoding after? or before? Calibration works only on S2 data while for geocoding I have to go to SNAP? I need geocoded ouputs to link with data.
From the different tutorials I read, the processing steps for dual pol analysis are not clear at all…Thanks for providing advice
cheers Gaia

please continue in the original topic you opened instead of creating a new one. PolSARpro ALOS2 FDB analysis

Did you try to visualize the C2 matrix with the BMP creation tool?
Actually, calibration and geocoding are not required before the HA decomposition.
In the PolSAR training materials here, the data is terrain corrected by the SNAP binaries from within PolSAR pro, but this is optional (slides 75-79). The slides refer to quad-pol data but it is the same procedure and they are very detailled.